Tablet Office Tile List
Tablet Office Tile List

Tablet Office - Creates Office Documents on Tablet Computers

Tablet Office uses user defined Templates for recurring Reports in order to minimize the need for typing.With it's export capabilities to PDF, XLSX, DOCX and JPG format it supports maintenance reports, status reports, logbooks, error reports, simple notes among others.

It is also useful for gathering data and sharing them with collaborators and / or archiving.


No more handicaps on Tablet Computers

With Tablet Office you create Office Documents and images from a single source 3 times faster than on a desktop computer.

PDF Documents

XLSX Documents

DOCX Documents

JPG Images

Expert Edition

The Tablet Office Expert Edition comes with even more features for creating surveys, assessments and expert reports

  • easy access to and search in text databases
  • integration of Nuance's Dragon Voice Recognition
  • On Demand Online Assistance



  • technical experts
  • surveyors
  • medical staff
  • many more

Starter Edition


  • PDF

mails and uploads the files to cloud storage

Express Edition


  • PDF
  • XLSX
  • DOCX
  • JPG

mails and uploads the files to cloud storage

Professional Edition


  • PDF
  • XLSX
  • DOCX
  • JPG

mails and uploads the files to cloud storage

access to XLS / XLSX files

  • read
  • write

Optical Character Recognition

Download Tablet Office Pro

from the Microsoft Store


and get the latest features:

  • Optical Character Recognition for multiline entry boxes
  • MRU lists for entry fields

How it works

Create your own modern and stylish Reports by using 10 components specifically designed for data entry on tablet computers.

You can choose from components for entry of text and numbers, image components capable of taking photos, draw pads, grids and chart components.

Save the Template and start entering data and taking of photos.

Once you're done with your Report, convert it to your preferred Document type and send it to your desktop computer or collaborators in your office using email or upload it to a cloud storage.

Back in your office you got a head start.

Key features


  • creates PDF, DOCX, XLSX Documents and JPG files from userdefined Templates
  • sends emails attached with Documents
  • uploads Documents to cloud storage
  • read access to XLS/XLSX files to fill in entry fields
  • write access to XLS/XLSX files to write back change
  • Optical Character Recognition

  • Speech Recognition (integrated Nuance's Dragon Voice Recognition)


  • english
  • french
  • german
  • russian
  • spanish
  • ukrainian


The DIGITAL JOURNAL on Table Office's latest edition
With Tablet Office you can concentrate on your tablet computer when you are out of your place of work. It allows you to definitely take notes, generate reports and convert them to office documents.
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