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Tablet Office - Products

Tablet Office Express Edition

Creates Reports from Templates and exports them to PDF, XLSX, DOCX and JPG files

Sends out emails attachted with these Documents and uploads them to a cloud storage

Tablet Office uses user defined Templates for recurring Reports in order to minimize the need for typing.

It supports maintenance reports, status reports, logbooks, error reports, simple notes among others.

It is also useful for gathering data and sharing them with collaborators and / or archiving.

The Templates and Reports are neatly arranged in a tile list. They are sorted and color-coded.

Pictures can be taken and placed directly into the Report.

Entries of numbers, date and time can be made with the help of spinners.


Documents can be uploaded to OneDrive ® Cloud  storage from Microsoft ®, GoogleDrive® or DropBox®.

Documents can also be printed directly from Tablet Office.


Key features:

  • exports documents to
    • PDF for Adobe ® Reader
    • XLSX for Microsoft ® Excel
    • DOCX for Microsoft ® Word
    • JPG for image viewer
    • sends out emails attached with these files
    • uploads these files to Cloud storage drives (OneDrive®, GoogleDrive®, DropBox®)
    • print the Document directly using the standard printer
  • available components:
    • text entry fields
    • number, date, time entry fields with spinners
    • number entry fieds
    • multiline edit boxes
    • checkboxes
    • frames, shapes and lines
    • images from file and camera device
    • pen for sketches and signatures
    • background color or background image
  • takes pictures and places them directly into the Document
  • all number, date and time inputs with spinners known from phone apps
  • selectable tile color for each Template
  • jump to Templates (bookmarks)
  • 3 different layouts of Report list: Template sorted / name sorted / date sorted
  • settings for automatic naming convention for new Reports
  • Report designer capable of zooming in and out
  • concatenating of reports



  • english
  • french
  • german
  • russian
  • spanish
  • ukrainian


System requirements:

  • tablet computer (recommended) or laptop computer
  • touchscreen recommended
  • Windows ® 10 (recommended) or Windows ® 8.1, 7
  • screen resolution 600x800 minimum

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