Tablet Office
Tablet Office

Professional Edition is the right choice if ...

you have to fill in forms frequently

you have XLSX lists with customers or spare parts that you want to take advantage of


This edition containes all Express features plus

Leverage Optical Character Recognition instead of typing.


Simply take a picture of the object and get the text extracted.

Use spreadsheets to

  • fill in entry fields from XLS/XLSX files and
  • write back changes or append new rows


Creates Reports from userdefined Templates and exports them to

  • PDF
  • XLSX
  • DOCX and
  • JPG files

Sends out emails attachted with these Documents and uploads them to a cloud storage

  • OneDrive®
  • GoogleDrive®
  • DropBox®

Documents can also be printed directly inside Tablet Office.

It supports maintenance reports, status reports, logbooks, error reports, simple notes among others.

It is also useful for gathering data and sharing them with collaborators and / or archiving.


  • text entry fields with dropdown listboxes and most recently used lists
  • number, date, time entry fields with spinners
  • number entry fieds
  • multiline edit boxes with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • checkboxes
  • frames, shapes and lines
  • pen for sketches and signatures
  • background color or background image
  • hint, description and print on / off properties
  • combined entry fields (fill in from XLSX file / delete)
  • grids for entry of numbers
  • charts for displaying the content of grids visually 2D / 3D

Takes pictures and places them directly into the Document

  • images from file and
  • camera device

Number entry fieds are capable of calculating with basic arithmetic operations / trigonometric functions and export their formula to the XLSX file


The Network Journal wrote:
For effective function, you need a central concept where everyone can quickly create, locate and share documents. With Tablet Office Professional Edition you can now easily produce reports from templates and exports them to XLSX, PDF, RTF and JPG files.
The Silicon Investor wrote:
If ... you’re seriously interested in getting work done on the go, you’ll want to grab two things: The first is a good Bluetooth keyboard set. The second is Table Office.


  • english
  • french
  • german
  • russian
  • spanish
  • ukrainian
System requirements:
  • tablet computer (recommended) or laptop computer
  • touchscreen recommended
  • Windows ® 10 (recommended) or Windows ® 8.1
  • screen resolution 600x800 minimum

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